Paul Jessup's cosmic horror haunted house novel

coming October 2023 from Underland Press

"A Grand Guignol haunted house story, don't turn the lights off."
-Silvia Moreno-Garcia, best selling author of Mexican Gothic
"Masterful. Jessup understands the humanity that beats at the heart of horror, and never flinches from the flaws that lurk at the core of every family."
-Jonathan Wood, Author of No Hero series
"One of the most gorgeous haunted house stories I've ever read."
-Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, author of Glorious Fiends
“The classic premise here has been sharpened by Paul Jessup’s keen use of the vernacular, characters who are damaged in fascinating ways, and some mind-blowing yet plausible family history. A dizzying concoction of suspense and supernatural horror, served on ice.
-S. P. Miskowski, author of Strange Is the Night
"Paul Jessup's prose is as psychedelic as the dead hippie cultists haunting the Glass House. This book slams together your traditional haunted house story with something far more cosmic and eerie, and then dowses the entire mix with frenetic energy. Powerful, weird, and sexy: I've never read anything quite like it."
-Wendy N. Wagner, author of The Secret Skin and The Deer Kings
WHEN: October 2023
WHO: Written by Paul Jessup, published by Underland Press
WHERE: Pre Order here
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An unwinding tale of madness and horror. Consider it Amityville Colour Out of Space, if you will. In the darkness and the shadows lies something sinister, waiting for the Glass Family to move in and plant their roots. Ancient things, that dwelled beyond the edges of time, The Mothers of Sorrow, and their horrorific son, the Child of the Abyss. They were trapped in the house by the ghosts of a sixties suicide cult, whose last act was a binding ritual, powered by their own deaths.

-meet the family glass-

Lucas Glass, their father. A documentary filmmaker, known for his disturbing and outre subjects. He is obsesessed with making a documentary about the Sunshine Family suicide cult.
Dana Glass, their mother and Lucas’s wife. She is in love with the house, and the house loves her. In a way far more intimate than she’d ever been, even with her husband.
Lily Glass was buried alive by her father for his documentary The Hour of Smiles, and was visited by a ghost when she was near death. The rattling boy. He might be their last hope in surviving the Glass House.
Rae Glass is a disturbed child prodigy, who has the makings of a serial killer in training. She befriends the Mothers of Sorrow, and together they start a chain reaction that will quickly spiral out of control.

-meet their new home-

Now the Glass House, once the Gemini House, and before that the Coffin House, constructed out of repurposed coffin wood and ancient occult magic. It has its own ancient sentience, and loves Dana Glass with all its wooden heart.
The great and amazing Sunshine Family. A musical cult with over two hundred members at it's peak, who killed themselves to trap evil inside the Gemini House. Their ghosts haunt the house now as a warning.
Oliver Haddo. No one knows much about the one who built this house, or why. Just barely a name, a mystery, and nothing more. Haddo seemed to disapear in 1942, never to be seen again.